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A person who doesn't have any real friends in school but has loads of friends on MySpace and most of them are people that are added randomly using the browse feature, celebrities, and whores.
Jim: Staci is such as loner... she doesn't have any friends in school.
Kyle: Check out her MySpace... I heard she has about 600 friends and most of them are just random people that I don't even know.
Jim: Yeah, right... she's a MySpace loner all right.
by The Prepster August 28, 2007
A place where you can jack off pretty decent food....usually better than most fast food resturants.
12 year old fatso: Yeah I'm going to McDonalds to eat a Big Mac with my friends
Normal person: Come on faggot... the new bowling alley had just opened and their burgers just rock
by The Prepster August 29, 2007
A feature on MySpace that most normal people that have their shit together use seldomly, but it is use most frequently by people who don't have a life, don't have any friends in the real, are horny, and are trying to be cool to have 1,000s of friends and that makes them pretty much a loser anyway. A civilized person will use to search feature and add people they truly know and celebrities and bands they truly like, not pornstars and weird bands that nobody heard of just be cool and sick.
That person has 4,727 friends. Why? She has been spending about 98% of her free time using that damn browse feature. She should get a life.
by The Prepster August 28, 2007

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