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Narcotic (that is, opiate) pain reliever (see 'oxycodone') that the FDA took off the market... not because of its opiate properties (which will block your pain or, if you're not in pain, get you high), but because the company that makes it, to preserve their copywrite and keep it from becoming generic (our slogan: "profits ahead of people"), added enough aceteminophen (Tylenol, APAP) to it to fry your liver. For chronic pain patients, oxycodone is great stuff, and so lots of people were put on Vicodin (the company bribed doctors with freebies and trips, etc., to prescribe it instead of generic oxycodone, that costs less)... then their patients started suffering liver failures and dying. Oh well... they'd made their profits.
I'm one of those chronic pain patients (6 spine surgeries) and don't get high at all from opiates-- the body is smart enough to aim the narcotics at the pain first. If there isn't any pain, you will get high as a kite on 5% of what I take daily... But the acetominophen in the Vicodin would have blown out my liver and killed me, and all for the sake of the multinational pharmaceutical firm's profit/loss margin.

And when you hear this crap about how they have to charge so much because of research costs, try to get a comparison of research and marketing costs for the same drug. Good luck.
by The Fadduh October 24, 2009

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