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A fake hipster, who has fallen behind in trends. A Hipsterdufus would be seen still listening to The Strokes in the latter half of 2001.
by The Captain March 12, 2003
It’s when you fuck a really gorgeous girl for no apparent reason. Usually happens to a mediocre to semi good-looking male with a hot casual friend or a random from the bar. Ugly people may need the assistance of alcohol or roofies, and in most case that’s illegal.
One thing lead to another, then bam, another beautifuck.
by the captain March 30, 2005
Like most dorm mates or people who live accross the hall in an appartment complex, these lucky individuals drink themselves into a state where they mentally and physically become gay. They will hump everyday friends, maliciously. Straight by day, gay by beer. Around these people watch your brews and your cornholes.
Oh for shits sake, Cowboy's humping Kevin again.
by the captain March 12, 2005
slang for cock. In the old days men wore a so-called "codpiece,"which looked lsort of like underwear on the outside...
The captain liked the look of the wench:"Hold her down whilst I slips her me cod!" he yelled...
by the captain April 22, 2005
something that is sweet to put on your eyelids and feels really cool
dude i was drunk last night and i put carmex on my eyelids, it was awesome
by the captain February 05, 2005

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