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a totally awesome manga character from Dragon Knights who loves money, gambling, drinking, food, and being lazy...former theift, now the Dragon Knight of earth.
"Thatz! There's more to life than MONEY and Gambling!"
by Thatz Foreman December 21, 2003
one who doesn't give a damn about popular culture or what people think, also can be used for a pot addict... though not the origional, intended definition...
Cass is such a potikiwa...
by Thatz Foreman September 27, 2003
A HOT Dragon Knights character, friend of Rath's, smart, loyal, etc...
Rath: ::hugs Kai-Stern::
by Thatz Foreman December 21, 2003
well, it would be the same thing as "that time of the month." my friend used it once, so i figured i'd define it...
and she just so happened to be on "that womanly time" then, so there was blood and stuff all over the place...
by Thatz Foreman December 20, 2003
a cool DK character who loves kickin' demon ass!
Rath: Let's go kick some demon ass, you guys!
by Thatz Foreman December 21, 2003

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