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6 definitions by Thatguyist

A male with a small body and a minuscule penis. This person will often claim he is a master when it comes to sexual intercourse but the truth is that he will remain a virgin his whole life.
Inu often boasted that he was a master when it came to sex, but we all knew he was a meleemaster.
by Thatguyist May 11, 2008
22 2
An extremely annoying child with a tendency to stare at your chest. Even if you're a man.
As Michael Moore walked around the city of Los Angeles , he noticed that there were many trozis.
by Thatguyist March 04, 2008
22 2
A Norwegian tradition consisting of vomiting rotten lutefisk into another's mouth. This is most common in the Norway's capital, Oslo.
"Oh boy, I can't wait to glory devil for the first time!" exclaimed Michal.
"I can't until you glory devil either! I can already imagine the taste," replied Jason with a peculiar grin on his face.
by Thatguyist March 05, 2008
16 3
An obese, Asian transvestite, over the age of 40, with a large interest in sadomasochist pornography.
"Why does Chung Sung Lu only come out of his house to buy whips?" pondered Derek the hobo.
"He's most likely a takuyar," responded inexperienced Marcus.
by Thatguyist March 05, 2008
12 1
Sexual position involving a male's gender to wrap around his partner's leg. Usually done among homosexual couples.
My penis is so large I can do a shanecobra.
by Thatguyist March 05, 2008
9 10
The act of cheating on your partner by performing sodomy with someone else in front of a Pokémon episode.
"I feel so guilty," confessed the man in a Pickachu shirt.
"Why?" pondered Ace.
"I cheatachued with Henry last night," responded the man.
by Thatguyist March 05, 2008
12 18