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Someone who loves Arlandria by the Foo Fighters, and is therefore a very awesome person.
Wait, you're an arlandriaholic? Cool, so am I!
by Thatguy248 June 21, 2011
This really cool band that toured for a while with My Chemical Romance. They have a bit of a Who influence, a bit more of a Clash influence, another bit more of an AC/DC influence, and a massive Green Day influence. (They're better than all the bands that influenced them.)
MCR Fan 1: Did you see MCR? Man, I can't believe they had the Architects and Neon Trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MCR Fan 2: No. I saw the Architects, and they were epic, but then they had some shitty band called Thursday.
by Thatguy248 July 27, 2011
Another name for Fuck Chuck Marry.
Dude, let's play chuck fuck marry.

So who would you out of Fatty Goggles, Esther and That Clown footed girl?

Oh dude, that's just wrong!
by thatguy248 June 12, 2011
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