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N. (From the Chinese 鱼磅, or Yú bàng meaning "Fish Pounder") The stinky, sexual act of taking a large skip-jack tuna, or any other, smelly, deep-sea pacific fish, and pounding your partner's genitals with the slimy, scalely, fish, in the middle of intercourse.
Harry: Can i get a fresh tuna? Fishmonger: Yes, but i must ask, why do buy so much pacific tuna? Harry: My Asian girlfriend enjoys a good Pacific Pile-Driver."
#tuna #fish #pacific #pile-driver #pounder
by That_guy_in_the_box March 12, 2011
N.: The sexual act of self mutulating one's scrotum by cutting off the ears of a dog and stapling them to the scrotum, thus making what looks like the tail of Japanese gold fish. (Or Coy Fish)
Guy:"Wanna see my rare fish from japan?" Girl:"Ok." Drops pants Girl"Oh my!" Guy: "it's a Japanese Goldfish!"
#japanese #goldfish #fish #coy #scrotum
by That_guy_in_the_box February 13, 2011
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