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ToxSin - A game mode for Garrys Mod. It involves any where from one to twenty people fighting off a Zombie Horde.
Zombie Types:
Runner - Moderate damage, Fast, Low health

Contagion - Slow, High damage, High health, Player Usable, explodes on death infecting those nearest to it

Fast Zombies AKA Howlers - Fast, multiple attacks, bleed, low damage per hit

Radioactive zombie AKA Poison Zombies - Slow, very high HP, VERY strong attack, Irradiates those who are too close.

Athletic Zombie - Fast, average hp, infects upon hit, ANNOYING

Banshee - Average speed, high HP, slow attack, irradiates those very close to it, secondary scream attack that does low damage but disorients players.
by ThatOneGamer August 01, 2011

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