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Shantae is a loving girl. She cares for everyone and no matter what she does everyone will always love her. Everyone wants to be her bestfriend. Shantae is really cute. You might see a pretty girl walk by but once a SHANTAE! walks by, ALL eyes are on her. Shantae is a Jamaican. Shantae is a tall thick curvy bitchy baddass whom is ridiculously cute! Shantae is smart, she knows right from wrong & she knows when to be nice and when to be a bitch. A Shantae is mostly likely to be a Sagittarius. A Shantae knows how to throw down in the bed room and how to throw up out the bed room. You would wanna be a Shantae. You would wanna know a Shantae. If you dont know a Shantae, YOUR NOT THE WAVE!

"Everyone: I wish I was a Shantae!"
by ThatJamaican November 23, 2011

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