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Small town in the south shore of Massachusetts that consists of generations of white people who have been there since their birth. People in Avon end up marrying and/or having children with other people in Avon and it becomes a cycle, almost like a Twilight Zone episode. Very rarely does a lifelong citizen of this town leave their parents house. They usually wait until their parents pass away and make it their own.

It's beyond safe despite the appearances of young men trying to be "hard". Most graduate and go on to state schools or nearby Massassoit Community College but usually end up working in town and/or wasting their lives drinking Bud Light.

Most are also closet racists. They will use the N-word around their all white crew. But will bow down and be a bit shook when people of color are around.
White Kid 1: What you wanna do yo?
White Kid 2: Let's grab a 30 rack and build a fire in my parents back yard
White Kid 1: Cool, make sure you don't invite any of those black kids from school
White Kid 2: Never
Black Kid 1: What you fools plotting?
White Kid 1+2: Yo dawg, what's good, wheres the bitches at?
Black Kid 1: (shakes head, laughs and walks away)
White Kid 1+2: n****r

Avon, MA
by ThatGuy2002 September 25, 2012

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