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what you say to someone who has offended you without having to worry about a comeback because they'll be to confused to respond. i swear its a complete and real sentance. note that the word above is shrtened and cutoff. full length above.
Person: "Poser!"
Emo Kid: "Fuck you fucking fucker who fucks your fucking fuckhole father that fucking fucks fuckass whores through their fucking fuckholes then fucks himself til he fucking dies of fucking aids and fucking falls into the fucking fuckhole to fucking hell while your fucking mother get fucking fucked by fucking fuckholes who fuck fucking fuckers like your fucking self and motherfuckers like themselves so they can fucking live without fucking having to fucking pay fuckass whores like your sister who used to fuck the fucking fuckholes that fucked your motherfucking mother who fucked lots of fucking men that weren't your fucking father on her fucking business trips she fucking set up to fucking get away from your fucking fugly face."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$! September 27, 2009
to shave the area of your legs that a tube sock would cover
-usually when your legs need shaving but you don't have enough time and plan on wearing slip-on shoes with pants that aren't too long.
-occurs more often in the winter when you wear long pants and don't really need to shave
Girl: My jeans are for my date in less than an hour are too short to wear with my flats since I haven't shaved in a couple weeks! Well I'll sock shave in the shower.
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$! January 24, 2010
an emo person who makes it invisible that they are emo

they might not wear emo clothes or have emo hair and if they cut themselves, they don't leave marks or the marks go away quickly.
Nosy Girl: "That girl seems really depressed and she keep to herself a lot. It's kinda emo to do that, but she's sooo NOT emo."

The Gossip: "I think she's invisemo."

Nosy Girl: "Yeah, I have wondered why she had kid's safety scissors."

The Gossip: "OMFG! Seriously?!? I'm so telling everyone!"
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$! October 02, 2009
1) a rapper who some say looks like obama

2) a canadian rapper

3) a former degrassi star
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$! October 04, 2009

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