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what you say when you werent listening to or dont understand or dont know how to answer the question asked OR when the answer is complicated and you dont feel like explaining it or when you have no straight-foward answer.
1) Wife: "Honey, what do you want for dinner?"
Husband: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

2) 6th grader: "Dad, if 3 Xes equal 9 Zs, then how many Xs equal 1 Y?"
Dad: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

3) Girlfriend: "Aren't these shoes just perfect?"
Boyfriend: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

4) Obama supporter: "Did you vote for Obama? Why or why not?"
Mcain supporter: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

5) Gay person: "What is your position on gay marrige?"
Straight person with gay family: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009
A young person (12 and under) who has a perverted mind but knows that his mother will kill him if he does anything like grab a chick's ass from behind.
Did you see that little prevert looking at his sister's Victoria's Secret magazine?
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ August 27, 2009
homework you refuse to do until you die and go to hell usually because its too hard, a waste of time, or you have enough work already and it is just over stressful
Stoner: "Did you get the math homework from Mrs.Bitch's class?"

Druggie: "Don't bother, it's hellwork."

Stoner: "Ok, lets get high instead."

Druggie: "Why don't we drop out while we're at it?"
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009
a girl who is pretty(face), not sexy(body), not both, causing men to ask eachother "Would you fuck her?" rather than assuming the answer is yes like they would if she were both. adding in the "ma" makes it sound more like a word than "wouldyafucker".
Bill: "That girl is pretty. Would you fuck her?"

Bob: "Nah, her tits are way too tiny."

Bill: "Yeah i guess she is a wouldyamafucker."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009
an abbreiviation for Just A Whole Bunch Of Random Cool Stuff
Tom: "Check out her blog!"

Tim: "What does she have on there?"

Tom: "You know her profile, a PacMan game, and JAWBORCS."

Tom: "Oh, ok, cool."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009

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