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The L.J. Smith books with unexpected conclusions that are published more than ten years after the original series was published. EXAMPLE: the three books concluding The Vampire Diaries; Strange Fate; and the sequels to The Forbidden Game and The Secret Circle that L.J. Smith has promised to begin writing.
Person 2: No, it didn't. The original books were published in 1991. You're talking about the Smith Sequels, idiot.
by ThatBuffyFan:-) July 18, 2010
When you're at SEP in a food line (either at O'Hill or St. Anne's) and a counselor gets in front of you, apparently for no reason, saying "counselor cuts!"
Counselor 1: I have counselor cuts, man! I get to get in front of you!
Counselor 2: No way. I was standing here forever, wasn't I, Ellie?
Ellie: Um... I don't want to get involved.
by ThatBuffyFan:-) July 03, 2010
When you're completely out of the shampoo that you normally use and you have to search around the house for other shampoos. Generally you end up mixing a bizarre combination such as watermelon, blueberry, and anti-chlorine shampoo.
"So, what did you do this weekend?" Kelly asked.
"I was on a shampoo scavenge because my bottle of Suave ran out." I replied.
by ThatBuffyFan:-) June 04, 2010

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