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A girl who is so loose that everytime a penis or phallic object enters her vagina she rips a queef; hence the name; Georgia O'Queef.
George: Jenna is so hot...

Drew: Don't bang her though, she's a real Georgia O'Queef.
by that.boy.is.a.monster February 23, 2010
You can like her, hate her, but don't deny, Stefani Joanne Germanotta; aka Lady Gaga has got style. Eccentric style, but style none the less. Talented musically and vocally, She has realeased two albums, The Fame and the Fame Monster as of 2010. The Fame Monster is almost like Good Girl Gone Bad; meaning that Lady Gaga has joined Rihanna on the musical dark side with singles like Monster and Alejandro.
Me: Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga was awesome at her concert last night.

Friend: You saw her LIVE??!!!! What was it like?!!

Me: A death trap for epileptics. Otherwise, awesome. People who hate her can go factor them selves.

Friend: I'm going to see the arena tour, it's like a whole musical. Lovegame is going to be in a REAL Subway Car.

Me: That leaves some interesting possibilties with the poles. JK, she's not Miley.
by That.Boy.Is.A.Monster March 10, 2010

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