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A word or phrase spelled the same way backwards and forwards.
A man, a plan, a canal--PANAMA!
by That Dark Haired Chica January 05, 2005
A crazy motherfucker who giggles a lot
the giggly boy is a sillyass

mom don't be such a sillyass
by That Dark Haired Chica December 31, 2003
Adj: Variation of "retarded" and in no way intended to make fun of actually retarded people. Insult to people who should be able to function normally but just screw it up all the time, usually to the amusement of those around.
In noun form: "rere" or "tata."
What a sillyass! That lanky white man by the trashcans was being retata and trying to rap.
by That Dark Haired Chica December 30, 2003
Smeagol + delicious. Mmmmm. You definitely want to be described this way.
Rachel had an altsome time at the Pearl Jam concert because Eddie Vedder looked so smeagolicious.
by That Dark Haired Chica December 30, 2003
The day between Wednesday (see also: wasted wednesday) and Friday (see also: fucked-up friday) when many lesbians seek out two well-trained, willing, and voluptuous prostitutes named Muffin and Trixie.
Random man: Are those two lovely ladies on the streetcorner lesbians?
Random man's wife: No, they're only 1/7 lesbian. And since it's a lesbian Thursday, I'm about to go have a very good time with them! ; )
by That Dark Haired Chica January 05, 2005
(v) (to trick out)

When you're makin' mad-sweet love to a lady friend and someone reaches behind you and tickles your balls, that's trickin' out.
Ben: Coco, this is the most mad-sweet love I've ever made.
Coco: Oh Ben, I love you so!
Ben: ::giggles uncontrollably::
Coco: What's so funny, bastard?
Ben: Xavier! Stop tickling my balls!
by That Dark Haired Chica January 04, 2005
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