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the day on which many straight or bi-curious women are gripped with an insane urge to drink from the furry cup, going back to normal the following day.
Dude #1: Hey man, why are you looking so miserable?
Dude #2: I can't get laid, man. Its lesbian Thursday.
by kuntish August 17, 2006
The day between Wednesday (see also: wasted wednesday) and Friday (see also: fucked-up friday) when many lesbians seek out two well-trained, willing, and voluptuous prostitutes named Muffin and Trixie.
Random man: Are those two lovely ladies on the streetcorner lesbians?
Random man's wife: No, they're only 1/7 lesbian. And since it's a lesbian Thursday, I'm about to go have a very good time with them! ; )
by That Dark Haired Chica January 05, 2005