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The process of seeking an alternative social and psychoneurological remedy or relaxation method by means of seeking companionship with kind, friendly, young, cordial, and beautiful opposite sex individuals who tend to provide generous, loving, and harmonious hospitality, service, and friendship; while other means of such remedy or relaxation are considered ineffective or insufficient. This is one good way to clear your head, make ends meet, or take matters into your own hands without applying any unethical factors, such as force, violence, harassment, manipulation, exploitation, etc., thereby considering this activity to be downright ethical, as long as all the rules and regulations of the activity are applied properly and correctly. Angel Hunting, thus, contains its own dos and don'ts that must be obeyed in order for any hunting to be approved or considered. For instance, you do whatever the angels you are hunting allow you to do. Even if they allow you to do many things, Angel Hunters have the right to refuse some of those permissible things or offerings in order to follow the Angel Hunter code of conduct. Please note that 'Angel Hunting' totally differs from perversion or any other form of illicit or reckless sexual activity, even if promiscuity and ladykilling are involved in it. In fact, Angel Hunters condemn all illicit or unethical acts and, instead, support the good. They also support the concept of 'social justice,' which is often the result of good angel hunting.
Angel Hunting is a beautiful activity, only if you perform it the right way.

I love Angel Hunting, because you get to meet not only one good young opposite-sex companion, but even more than one during one time period as well as over time. Who knows? With their hospitality, friendship, and beauty, this makes Angel Hunting a really powerful and useful activity, depending on how often you do it.
#gynophile #androphile #pimp #ladies' man #womanizer #promiscuous
by That's Not Necessary November 10, 2009
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