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an individual (usually a hipster) that frequents coffee shop in hopes of getting some poontang.
Coffee shop perverts typically spend more than 2 hours at a coffee shop at any one time.
by Tha_Cuddla May 04, 2005
to masturbate
I will be back later, I am going to go get my high school year book and yank wang.
by tha_cuddla February 08, 2004
an annoying phrase coined by dipshits at convenience stores, offices, or pretty much any place of business
Are we having fun yet?

No, pull your shirt up so the fun can begin
by Tha_Cuddla June 04, 2005
When you make love to a girl on her period, and it significantly lessens the duration of the menstruation.
Due to the plunger effect of my penis in her vagina, the sheets got ruined, but her period was over in 2 days instead of 5, so I got to have sex with my wife during the Superbowl.
by tha_cuddla February 08, 2004
similar to are we having fun yet?, a ridiculous and stupid phrase coined by would-be witty people who cannot be funny so they toss around catch phrases they hear.
working hard, or hardly working? ha!

you are an imbacil. we reserve the right to refuse service. we are exercising that right as of now. get the fuck out of my store.
by Tha_Cuddla June 04, 2005
Usually a precursor to the word "hot" when linguistically challenged SweetVally High girls describe the attractiveness of girly-men like Ashton Kutcher
"OMG OMG OMG Aston Kutcher is like, sooooo hot!"

"Like, I know. I hate to change the subject when we are talking about Ashton, but do you have any Vagisil?"

"Like, totally!"
by Tha_Cuddla April 18, 2004

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