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1 definition by ThaWizardOfOz

An act of practicing Ninjutsu, and destroying all in your path along the way. A strong person who uses this word as a rank, or symbol of power. A quest for power, unknown to many. A Stabler would specialize in Weapons, such as Black Eggs or Hook Swords. Known in Germany for cruel acts of torment and torture to receive information. This attacker normally is Female, but can assume the male role to reach what she wants. It may also be a Male, but it is more uncommon, seeing as the flexibility of a Stabler.
"Whoa. dude, was that a Stabler?"
"I dunno, i can at me too fast. I couldn't see a thing!"
"That was a ninja dude!"
"Yeah, it might have been a Stabler! I'm lucky i still have all my fingers!"
by ThaWizardOfOz December 27, 2009