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Francesca Marie is an artist, a musician, poet, and actress. Singing and dancing, performing and mc'ing she was Influenced by New Wave, Freestyle Music, Calypso, Spanish, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Tejano, Screwwed and Chopped, Southern Country, Rodeos and Underground Kings, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, and Breakbeats. Musicals, photography, DUBSTEP, and Mosh Pits. Graffitti artist and Club Owners recognized her as an authentic representation of what it means to contribute positively. She continues to educate and enact empathy toward those whose interests lead them to cross paths. Music is the driving motivation for Francesca Marie, she believes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is God's Beauty in All of Us.
Yea, they say its not what you do its how you do it, Francesca Marie
#francescamarie #francesca marie #fran mac #music #art #people
by ThaOrig.BooBoo April 17, 2011
This is the art of spinning records or mixxing music that is seemlessly interwoven and sounds beautiful. Also, to produce a remix or original track as DJSUMA, that deserves recognition. Usually a handsome and charming set, combined with a great sense of humor and good taste in music. A DJSUMA is an open minded perspective that recognizes the feelings of others and utilizes the emotions emitted to communicate healing thorugh melodies, harmony, and persistence. DJSUMA is steadfast and dedicated. Deserving and Learning. Goodwill and continual humble actions will ensure DJSUMA status and pardon.
Wow! This party is off tha chain but I still feel chill and relaxed!"
"Yea! I was trying to tell you earlier! It's DJSUMA vibe all around us."
" You got that right! I'm having a great time!"
#djsuma #dj suma #suma #art #dj #heavyheights #dub step
by ThaOrig.BooBoo April 17, 2011
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