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A car specifically used for crimes.
(dark windows, stolen tags, etc.)
"My baby momma be needin' diaper money, so I gots to fire up the Gatmobile."
by Tha Shiz March 21, 2004
Checking out a female's rear end
"Let's dip out of this bee-atch and hit the mall and confabulate the bubbalicious."
by Tha Shiz March 21, 2004
To have game on a professional level.
M-Dawg: Look at that monster on his arm, she's a dime.
G-Money: Dawg, Game perfected. He's a str8 Asslete!
by Tha shiz March 18, 2004
Breaking the law
"Yo you best be careful tonight with that gat, especially if you is going to be flagrant."
by Tha Shiz March 21, 2004
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