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3 definitions by Tha Shocker (L.P.)

cunt, pussy, vagina, or whatever you like to call it...
Hey Joe, look at Sandy's gaping hatchet wound, you could get lost in there.
by Tha Shocker (L.P.) May 04, 2003
101 45
the act of a lucky lady swallowing a man's ooga, you know, his little swimmers.
1.Sara you sure are good at this, have you swallowed kids before?
2."...all you gotta do is swallow some kids like that witch did in Hansel and Gretel..." - Fabolous "Damn"
by Tha Shocker (L.P.) May 04, 2003
45 20
snatch, pussy, box
(also see 'hatchet wound')
I can't wait for our first shore leave, so I can get me some fuckin poontang.
by Tha Shocker (L.P.) May 04, 2003
21 42