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Lip ring simply refers to a Captive Bead Ring peirced thru One's bottom lip. Either in the direct middle or on either side of the lip.
" The boy's lip ring was pierced with the black captive bead ring, in th middle of his lip"
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Lebret simply refers to a peircing thru One's bottom lip, right in the "dimple" before the chin starts. Also incorrectly refered to as a "chin peircing". The peircing is a straight barbell, with a square or circluar back that rests on the inside of the mouth against the gum. The part that shows on the outside of the mouth,can be square or cicular also. It can be a diamond... almost anything.
" That grl's lebret has Lucky Bear on it!"
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Scene boy simply refers to a boy who is hardcore emo and wears eyeliner and tight pants and has a lipring and has jet black hair that is unkempt looking, and is considerdered "hawt".
Person 1: look at that boy.
Person 2: He is so SCENE!
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Slitter is a slang term used for the word "cutter". This is word is more commonly used by "Preps".
" Omg, look at that EmO chick"
" Yeah, I heard she is a slitter"
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Sexii simply means sexy or hott. Sexii is more commonly used by "Preps" or "Electrikk" people.
" OMG, Check out that guy"
" I know, isnt he sexii?"
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
Uber simply means "Super". Uber was originally used back in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Then it simply meant "Super" or "awsome". Now-a-days, Uber means something that is completely and really cool, this word is more commonly used by Emo, hXc, Electrikk people.
Person 1: I am going to a Senses Fail concert tonight.
Person 2: Are you seriuos?!? That is UBER cool!!!
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
SexC is simply used more commonly by Preps to refer to a jock as really cute, or attractive.
" Look at the quarter-back"
"wow is is really S-e-x- Capital C."
by Tha EmO BeaUtie June 26, 2005
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