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A jackass. Someone who is probably your close friend that you wish would just go away. A person who makes stupid ass decisions.
Dude, you're a fucking penisman.

What are you...a penisman?

Yo penisman!

Hey penis person, look at that stupid penisman.

Hey penisman! Go pound that peniswoman!
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010
A penisman who has no confidence, no friends, and a tiny penis.

This person is more than likely disliked by everyone he or she knows.

Typically this is used to describe only males but is very versatile.

This word is harsher than Penisman, Peniswoman, and Vaginaman combined
You suck Chodeman!

Eat it Chodeman!


Oh yeah? Well at least I'm a damn penisman you chodeman idiot.
by Tha Cannon February 24, 2010
A genderless use of the word penisman or peniswoman.

A person that you wish wasn't around you.

A sarcastic use of the word might be used to address a friend.

Plural: Penis People
Jesus man, look at that stupid fucking penis person.

Are you kidding me you penis person?

I'm not partying with you....ya damn penis person.

Look at yourself. You're a fucking penis person!
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010
A guy or a girl who cannot seem to get the sand out of their vagina. A dumb bitch.
Damn, I hate that peniswoman.

If only I were a penisman...then I would punish that peniswoman
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010
Related to the words penisman and peniswoman, this word is always serious. One NEVER uses this seriously. If you are called a vaginaman, you should really reconsider your lifestyle....seriously.

Pronounced: Vu-jine-uh-min
Let's leave, that damn vaginaman doesn't wanna drink.

Hey vaginaman, lemme know when you get your balls back!

Holy shit dude. That's literally the gayest thing I've ever heard. You are a damn vaginaman...and we're not friends.
by Tha Cannon February 19, 2010

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