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The Name Of A Small Town/Suburb, Known For Its Community Of Pot Heads, One Of Two Villages In Australia. (Dingley Village)
If You Want To Get Stoned, Go To Dingley, The Smoking Capital Of The Southeast Melbourne Suburbs
by Tezza April 16, 2004
Man with severe hand cramp, no girlfriend and a large collection of videos in plain paper bags.
any man who smells of love piss, especially those who leave it to dry on their belly.
by Tezza November 11, 2003
A girl of questionable virtue. i.e a dead cert for the price of a bag of chips and family size bottle of tizer.
wear a condom, do not rely on the rythm method. also see MORE PRICKS THAN A DART BOARD
by Tezza November 11, 2003

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