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Using this term will scare vegans as many of them love hummus as one of the few commercially viable but delicious vegan foods in the modern worlds. Can be quite humorous. Note that "hummus" can be substituted with the name of any well-known vegan food with varying results; the best ones are things like "Egg replacer" that the person has spent a lot of time looking for.
Omnivore: "I picked up some 'vegan hummus' for you. I know you like that stuff."
Herbivore: "Thanks! You're so considerate. (to self) Shit! What the hell has been in the hummus I've been eating all these years?"
Omnivore: "(to self) Victory! (to Herbivore) Don't mention it."
by Tez, a man March 21, 2010
A dog. Similar to "doggie", the term is generally only used by Japanese people, people who are learning Japanese, and otaku.
Person 1: "Ohayo, my tomodachi! Check out my wanchan!"
Person 2: "What the Sam fuckin' Hill are you saying? Jesus, man, you should have picked a different language."
by Tez, a man March 06, 2010
A bowling exclamation used when someone has created a 7-10 split. It is unfortunate when this happens, and using the expression conveys empathy, as well as how clever you are (if they haven't read this def yet).
Person 1: "Wow, check this shit out! Holy split!"
Person 2: "You already said 'shit' which makes it obvious that you're just trying to be funny this time. And it doesn't make me feel any better."
Person 1: "Aight, I'm going to cry now."
Person 2: "See, I didn't mean it like that..."
by Tez, a man March 20, 2010
An expression of one's obliviousness to very obvious things. Often followed by silence per the listener's surprise at the speaker's bakaness.
Chris: "Are you a pedophile?"
Herbert: "..."
Viewer: "Wow. Just...wow. It's been going on for, like, ten years. Just...uhh."
by Tez, a man March 21, 2010
An orange rodent-like Digimon who has Tai as his Tamer. He is a Rookie Digimon and can Digivolve into several other Digimon such as Angemon and Pegasusmon.
Patamon: "It's about time you had a bath"
Tai: "You know what? STFU. You're a Pikachu cosplaying as Zubat."
Patamon (breaks fourth wall): "For the last time, Digimon isn't a ripoff of Pokemon."
by Tez, a man April 13, 2010

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