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A fanfic is another way to say fanfiction. Fanfiction is a fanmade story using characters/plot/places from other things (Books, TV shows, anime, video games, etc.). Some fanfics are decent, others are good, and most totally rape the living shit out of the original author's work.
Many people love fanfiction. Others hate the thought of it.
Fanfic loving chick: Squee!! Did you read that super awesome Twilight fanfic!?
Fanfic hating dude: Please go die in a fire.
by Texty August 18, 2009
surname found commonly among people of the Jat clan from the Northern Indian state of Punjab. Most of the members of this clan are Sikhs by religion although there are many Sikh/Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Roman Catholic Nijjar's belonging to the Khatri/Rajput/Gujjar caste. Village historians say many Nijjar's changed their name to "Nayyar" under the suggestion of the British to distinguish themselves from Jat Nijjars.
I'm going to the nijjar's house
by texty November 25, 2013
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