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One who lives in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. the word derives from "Valley" and expresses machismo and toughness.
go out and do it valluco style.
by Texican17 September 10, 2006
The entrace to Hell. The Rio Grande Valley is known as "Hellz Gate" because of the heavy drug trafficing, murders and horrific crimes that come from living along the border in South Texas. It's also known for its unbearable heat year round.
I come from Hellz Gate, its all fucked up.

If you know you're going to hell, come here and prepare yourself!!
by Texican17 September 10, 2006
"Deject" or "Disregard" in spanish.
It came about in the most southern border section of Texas (Rio Grande Valley).
Jose:Lets go see that scary movie it looks good.
Juan: Pobre vato!!
by Texican17 September 10, 2006

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