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1. A greeting you hear a whole lot in Texas!
2. If you don't get a howdy in Texas you must be deaf!
3. Hello in Texas is Howdy!
Howdy from the people of Texas!
by Texan March 02, 2003
A descriptive word of Texan origin which can be used interchangably as a noun, a verb, an imperative, or an adjective.
Noun: "Are you a real cowboy?" (self explanatory)

Verb: "Ol' Jimmy ain't much to look at, but he sure can cowboy!" (i.e., possesses the skills necessary to do the work of a cowboy)

Imperative: "Cowboy up!" (i.e., quit whining & get tough)

Adjective: "That's real cowboy of you!" (i.e., decent or nice. Sometimes used sarcastically to someone who let you down)
by Texan September 02, 2004
A Quimby is one fucked up kid. A Quimby wishes the his girl friends were men. A Quimby is known for being caught jacking off in bathroom stalls. A Quimby is truly someone you need to make fun of.
dude stop being such a fucking Quimby!!!
by Texan March 04, 2005
verb: to shoot a small droplet of spit through the teeth
Boys tend to be better gleepers than girls
by texan May 05, 2004
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