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A channel that satisfied the demands of music video fanatics who where fed up with MTV's reality shows and other non-music-video related programming.

Unfortunately, MTV2 now plays some of the same shows that MTV does, making it almost unwatchable to the music video fanatic. Eventually, they'll need MVTV, a channel that only plays music videos.
"How come they don't play any videos anymore on MTV OR MTV2?"

"Either fewer artists are making fewer videos, or MTV is greedy and needs to make a few bucks selling their own shitty shows to a bunch of 15 year old girls who would jump from a bridge if you told them to."
by Testees May 07, 2004
A poor man's Ice Cube
Damn, we can't get Ice Cube to do Pimp My Ride we might as well get xzibit to do it.
by Testees May 04, 2004

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