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Is the person suffering from diarrhea, who has a penis inserted and stuck in to their ass and then violently ejects shit down the eye of the Fudge Baller's penis giving them fudge balls
Daniel wanted to be a Fudge Ballee so he sat on Darren's cock and waited for the super glue to dry then exploded diarrhea, sending it shooting down the eye of Darren's cock filling his balls with shit
by Testeagle November 28, 2006
The person who inserts their penis into the ass of a person suffering diarrhea then super glues round their knob so it gets stuck in then, then the fudge ballee violently shoots shit down the eye of his penis and fill his balls, therefore giving him fudge balls
David was the fudge baller tonight so he jammed his cock in Harry's ass and glue it in forcing Harry the fudge ballee to fire diarrhea down the eye of David's cock
by Testeagle November 28, 2006
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