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4 definitions by Tesha

The best family ever. Everyone wants to be a Green but can't. They love God and his son. They all can sing and very talented loving people. No other family out there is like the Green Family
Like the Jackson Family but way better.
by Tesha December 30, 2004
2 2
CEO of Def Jam Records
The best of Roc-A-Fella Records
The best rapper out there some say he's fake but they just hatein.
He even has the best girl Beyonce.
Nas on the other hand has Kelis.
Whos Kelis?
Diamonds, Gold, Platinum you get the picture.
by Tesha December 30, 2004
32 63
People who hate on people like Jay-Z
Fans of Nas and anyone who hate Jay-Z
by Tesha December 30, 2004
13 57
He's an puck ass nigga that can't stand to see people like Jay-Z do big things in life. He can hate on Jay-Z but Jay-Z would still be on top;and for those of you that feel different as in "Fans of Nas" ya'll just the same as him. Puck Ass Niggas!!!
The shit you find on the bottom of your shoe.
by Tesha December 30, 2004
20 233