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There are two different worlds in Endless-Online. You have, the in-game community that consists of idiots, morons, people, more people, and more idiots. Then, you have the Endless-Online forum community; which is TOTALLY the opposite of the in-game community.(Not really, but you get the picture.)

The game is created by Vult-r using the C+ engine and is currently sponsored by Layered Tech. The game has several admins but the majority of them are not helpful and can really give players a hard time.(Except for Arvid. He's the best.) Many of the admin's handle in-game issues in an unjust manner so don't be surprised when you get jailed or banned without a warning. The admins will not bother launching an investigation. The most effective way of getting out of the jail system, is by talking to an admin over an instant chat messenger and persuading them to let you free.

The endless-online forum community is full of forum trolls. It is definitely not for the weak hearted. You can expect insults and vulgar language to be in every topic you read.

I really don't have much more to say about this game; other than I dislike it a lot. I still check on the forums every now and then because I get a laugh from it.

But don't take my word for it, check the game out for yourself.

1)Try to avoid internet speak when approaching the forum community of endless online.

Newb Forum User: hey ppl do u noe where i kan bye noo armer?

Forum User: No. Get the fuck out you illiterate noob.

2)Avoid spamming the forums.
3)Avoid making alts on the forums.
by Terrysan August 12, 2006

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