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Day taken off work with the intention of bashing one's bishop. Often the real reason behind a collegue's claim that they're "working from home".
A: "Is Mouldy in today?"
B: "No, he's working from home."
A: "Oh aye, having a moist day is he?"
B: "I reckon so."
A: "Fuck my boots, he must be dry as the Gobi desert."
by Terry Fuckwit June 24, 2004
Monged enough to shit your pants
"I was so ringboltered I slammed the bed"
by Terry Fuckwit July 11, 2003
This is the Mexican word for Chavs. If you don't believe me dial 0052 and 11 random numbers and ask a Mexican yourself.
No esten chingando en la calle con sus carros chavos cabrones!!!
by Terry Fuckwit July 01, 2004
Ginger character originally from long-running children's chav drama programme "Biker Grove". Now more commonly used as an insult to people who, whilst claiming their hometown to be Middlesborough (NOT NEWCASTLE - or THE TOON), actually grew up in the remote fishing community of Craster on the north east coast of England.
If you go down south have a look in Waitrose for the Craster kippers. I bet Spuggy's dad landed them last week.
by Terry Fuckwit July 01, 2004
To awake one fine morn, and verily discover one's matress resembling a ordinance survey map with a rather warm chocolate log spread all over it as well as spew on your face and pillow.
"I do not think she will want to see me again after I came home totally ringbolted and grand slammed the bed, although your mum is a bit of a dirty slapper."
by Terry Fuckwit June 24, 2004
British Oxygen Company. Although they provide just about every other gas and also liquid oxygen and liquid helium.
I was going to use the cryostat today but there was no liquid nitrogen. Oh well, BOC make a delivery tomorrow and there'll be enough left over to freeze some rats.
by Terry Fuckwit July 01, 2004

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