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2 definitions by Terramax721

The sum of all the corruption in government; believes that he must save the American people from themselves and is trying to turn back the clock with his policies (domestic & international) in an effort to do so.
I pledge $13,000,000,000 for AIDS as part of my FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE
by Terramax721 January 02, 2004
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A US state in which the foothills of Appalachia meet the plains of the Midwest. It is here that the Bible Belt begins, although a strong concentration of Liberals still predominate along the coastline of Lake Erie and especially in the Cleveland area. Other highlights include Columbus, Sandusky, Ohio River Valley, etc.
I did not raise you to accept the Lord as thy saviour in Ohio. Move to Florida instead.
by Terramax721 January 02, 2004
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