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Family members of various relations
"I gotta talk to my kinfolk about buyin' a new car"
by Terra October 17, 2003
Inflate your own ego by lying
"Why do you have to big up yourself about your position at McD's?"
by Terra October 17, 2003
purposeful mispelling og boobs
damn her obobs are huge
by terra October 08, 2003
Combined words - that's what
S'what I mean man..
by Terra October 17, 2003
Terra potter. Is cool. And hot. Curtis is a skank:D
Hello TERRA!
by Terra May 27, 2003
Slang for fuck, used to mask the true meaning of the insult. Any small words (to) should be ignored.
Top of the Muffin to you.
by Terra February 05, 2005
a woman so ugly that no man will date them (unless she is a porn star).
Man, that bitch must be a lesbian by default.
by Terra February 05, 2005

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