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2 definitions by Teresa Anastasia

(also known as telephonication)
A cleverly derived synonym for phone sex.
Gal A: I told her he's not allowed over here because everyone can hear them having wall-banging sex every night.

Gal B: So did she end up going to his house?

Gal A: No! Now, all she does is sit in her bedroom and phonicates with him for hours....while I'm in the room!!

Gal B: You know, I was never a huge fan of phone sex....too many awkward silences.

Gal A: Yeah...I definitely prefer actual sex to phonication.
by Teresa Anastasia September 13, 2007
7 3
a creepy, pathetic and obsessed admirer with no friends that one wouldn’t actually date or admit being friends with but keeps around in order to continually be complimented; a metaphorical situation is one that would involve said individual licking the front window of the person who keeps him/her around
Person A: Dude, who's that girl that's always hanging around with you? Your girlfriend?
Person B: Hell no. She's just my window licker. She's like a groupie only sad, pathetic, and gross. She says nice things about me all the time but she's always there.
by Teresa Anastasia February 10, 2007
8 35