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A shoot-'em up video game released by Konami in 1987 in the arcades, and year later on the NES (and also the MSX and TG-16 in Japan). A pseudo-sequel to Gradius, Lifeforce (known as Salamander in Japan) is typically held in high regard as far as NES shooters go. It's sometimes considered the best NES shooter to be released outside of Japan. The Konami Code also works in Lifeforce, giving the player 30 lives when he/she starts a new game.
Player 2 (watching player 1 play the NES): Woah! Is that Gradius??!
Player 1: No man, it's Lifeforce. It's just like Gradius, only better.
Player 2: Can I play after you die?
Player 1: No, but we can play at the same time!
Player 2: How so?
Player 1: Lifeforce, unlike Gradius, allows for 2-player simultaneous gameplay!
Player 2: All right! Let's Play!

*Player 1 resets the game, enters the Konami Code, and starts a new 2-player game. What followed was hours of non-stop gameplay by both players, until the NES died due to the Lifeforce cartridge being dirty*
by Teraforce December 10, 2008

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