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For those who can't spell "Merry Christmas".
Gabeybaby:hey tennis, i just noticed...it's been a yr since u joined sdn...congrats
Tennisball80:Hey thanks ! Oh, yours is in December. I will congratz you then. K, I am writing down on my planning calender. Wow you joined SDN on Christmas ? 12-25-2008
I will say Happy SDN 1 year and Marry Christmas then
KempDrumsalot:Who is Christmas? Is she a nice girl? (Marry means to go to that big church and give each other rings and vow to spend your life with one another, I think you meant merry.)
Gabeybaby:lol give him a break :P
#looser #word #wrong #fai #l wow
by Tennisball80 from SDN February 16, 2009
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