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Dipping one's nuts in a chicks mouth, or when the party crashin' asshole passes out, you 'drape' the ballsack over the face. Another more finely tuned version, saved for the fat bitch that won't leave you alone, The Cleveland Steamer with a Reverse Tea Bag. -Leave a steamer on her chest as you dip your nuts in her mouth.. -For those 'special occasions' :)
"Dude, you pass out, one of these assholes WILL tea bag you!"
by Tenacious D March 26, 2003
A person who, instead of saying "Thank You" says "Sank YOU"!
Sank you berrrrry much!
by tenacious d April 12, 2003
To ejaculate on a woman, mainly in her face.
Skeet like a water hose.
by Tenacious D April 22, 2006

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