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large town in Berrien county, Michigan. The exact opposite of its sister city, Benton harbor, having 90% white people instead of 90% black. Home of the bears, referring to the high school of fags, snobs, and other rich kids who go here to play football against Lakeshore once or twice a year. Nice town to eat in, but the people that live here are liked by few.
Lets go to Silver Beach in Saint Joseph, but ignore the little faggoty school boys playing grab ass along the beach.
by tellithowitis April 16, 2009
Commonly referred to as "The Urge"

The urge is the physical manifestation of the deep rooted need or incumbent desire to engage in homosexual activity.

It is often experienced as a tick or twitch in the hands, eyelid and in sever cases cramping of the toes. However unnoticed by most it can be a clear indication to those who experience it as well.
Laying in bed my hand was twitching and it was clear that I had the urge.

He suffered from the urge after going into the locker room.
by TellItHowItIs April 28, 2013

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