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A genre of music that is often times confused with technical metalcore. Signified by it's blend of noise (music genre) and hardcore. The guitars are usually so muddy and distorted that you can't hear single notes that well. The bass (distorted like guitars) is often times a driving instrument unlike in other genres. The drums range from electronic to blastbeats to off time patterns, but the main focus of the genre is the guitars and bass, not drums or vocals. Altough it was only marginaly successful on the west coast of the U.S. in the mid to late 90s, it has influenced such acts as The Dillenger Escape Plan and Scarlet. There also tends to be a lot of samples and weird effects put on the music. Some well-known bands of the genre: Training For Utopia (broken-up), Coalesce (still active)
Technical Metalcore totally stole it's style from noisecore
by Teh_Chris September 30, 2005

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