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The next phone by Apple. Its notoriously the only phone to "re-invent" the smartphone by reinventing what different features are called (lowering the bar). For Example "Video Calling" is "calling" that can only be done over WiFi. "Multitasking" is running multiple apps without actually running multiple apps at the same time. The Display is not only High Res, but its also a "Retina Display" which means its high Res too in addition to that, but still a washed out LCD.

The biggest features of them all tho, Apple's #1 feature, is what Apple calls "Engineered Glass". Its apparently used in Helicopters, trains, and is stronger than plastic. Whatever this "Glass" is its clearly a superior technology to that which is used in other phones. Oh yeah and its Recyclable.

Unfortunately Apple's method of gaining a competitive advantage by "lowing the bar" sort of backfired because it only makes other phones (Nokia, Blackberrys, Android) look better in relevance to the new "lower" standard Apple sets every June/July.
Starving Artist: "Hey did you know Obama uses an iPhone?"
Successful Business Man: "No wonder he can't run the damn country"

Communication Major: "Hey I just paid $299 for an iPhone 4 to downloaded iFart, now I can stream fart noises while I play doodle jump"
Business Major: "Hey I just got a six figure job and get a free corporate blackberry"
by TehSakMaster June 22, 2010

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