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1 definition by TehS1LV3R

A Cute Canadian born pop singer who has sexy looks and is the best singer ever and i want to bed him ---> NO FUCK OFF I WAS BEING SARCASTIC

Justin Bieber is a wannabe kid who is so stupid he cannot locate certain major continents on the world map. He cannot identify what Germany is, he considers himself to be popular like an arrogant prick. He indulges in himself like a self-loving cunt. Indeed this kid is gender confused and pointlessly pursues a futile and pathetic life dating women 3 times his age. His mop like blond hair is styled in a very irritating way, and he flicks his hair in an annoying and unneccessary fashion. Wherever he goes, preteen girls follow him begging him to sign their puny tits and he has utter disregard for the residents and motorists of the areas he visits, cos some people are trying to fucking get to work u faggot kid.
Guy to friend: "I called Justin Bieber gay, and he slapped me with his purse."

Guy to mates: "I went to apply for a Guiness World Record for the smallest penis in the world but i got beaten by this fuckhead!" (*shows an image of Justin Bieber)

Bodyguard arrives at a brawl and pulls Justin Bieber out: "people, you should be ashamed of yourselves violence against women is wrong"

Justin Bieber arrives at Reception desk
Guy standing next to him: "Man I hate having prostate checkups too"
Justin stares at him puzzled and says to the reception lady: "Im here for my PAP test appointment"
by TehS1LV3R January 04, 2011
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