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A rocket whore is someone who overuses the rocket launcher in a video game. Not just as a result of being a complete and utter failure to whichever video game they are playing, but could also be because a player has become bored with the game and feels him/herself necessary to kill everyone with the rocket launcher for personal joy. Furthermore, the rocket whore can come from someone who is experiencing lag(a condition where an internet connection is moving slowly and the game is slowed for everyone, causing overall discomfort) and decides that they will carry the rocket launcher around as an only source for a weapon simply to maintain kills. In simpler term, a person who grabs the rocket for no actual strategical purposes except mindless killing that involves no skill.
Holy slut with no skill! That fucktard grabbed the goddamn rocket again!! What a rocket whore!
by TehGamer April 20, 2005

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