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Maztal is a group of people who love to make remarks about how good eachother are this is also known as an Ego Boost or being Johnny Bravo.

This is similar to the act of Ass Licking or Brown Nosing
Maztal User 1 : Wow you have a fine ass
Maztal User 2 : Want to lick it?
Maztal User 1 : Hell Yeah!!!
Maztal User 2 : Wow you have a nice brown shiney nose
Maztal User 1 : Want to lick it?
Maztal User 2 : Hell Yeah!!!
by TehChat May 29, 2007
Tutere is a word for a failed WoW player that instead of saying kek says kik, this player is regarded as a total noob.

If you should ever find a Tutere it’s advised you smack them over the head with a power hacks.
A Tutere: Whats Good?
You : Your Mum
A Tutere : kik
You : Huh? i dont want to kick your mom!
A Tutere : Did i just get power haxed :\
by TehChat June 21, 2007
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