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-He's over 35.
-He spends most his time on the gamefaqs forums.
-He thinks he cool for "spanking" young men.
-He weighs over 300 lbs.
-His girlfriend is a whale
-He's bald
-He has penile errect trouble
-He thinks following ToS is cool
-He unfairly mods people, thus creating himself as a hypocryte.
MessageGuy1: Sash, you're bald! haha!
-5 minutes later-
This message was deleted by a gameFAQs moderator

-Anytime during the next week-
MessageGuy1: I was having trouble on level 6, can you help me?
-5 minutes later-
This message was deleted by a gameFAQs moderator
MessageGuy1: Dude, I was only asking for help.
Shashanan: ;P no you were trolling, now lets have dirty S&M spanking
by Teh Penguin February 11, 2005
Bew *shoots nazi* lol one droppeda nugget! OMFG it's a bew nugget. I can take it back to HQ on moonbase in Neo-Africa to get my Bew-master 600 upgraded lazer beams lol! BEW BEW! *hair*
Whitebase55 is gay, no one likes him.
by Teh Penguin April 24, 2005
Assholes plain and simple
"you guys are fucking assholes, go get reamed in clubneko you fagholes"
by Teh Penguin May 06, 2005
FDslash's password on AIM.
His bot's password was bone so we tried it on his real one and it stole it for a while.
by Teh Penguin April 24, 2005
What HyperSilkence is.
That guy had bad facial hair and wore a funny hat, but he was also emo!

It must have been that fag spencer!
by Teh Penguin February 15, 2005
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