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possibly one of the best nu-metal bands that came out. signed orgy and limp bizkit. all gitaurs tuned down a full octave.

Life is peachy
Follow the leader
Take a look in the mirror
Greatest hits

title tracks
blind (korn)
adidas (life is peachy)
freak on a leash (follow the leader)
got the life (follow the leader)
falling away from me (issues)
make me bad (issues)
here to stay (untouchables)
y'all want a single (take a look in the mirror)

music / camio appearances

Orgy - reveal (candyass CD)
Linkin park - alone i break (reanimation)
Queen of the dammed soundtrack
Lost highway soundtrack
Ice cube cd's (but who cares about fucktard rappers)
queen of the dammed (camio appearance of jon as a ticked scalper)
linkin park - break stuff video (camio of jon singing to "break your fucking face tonight")
"you know all those people who make fun of KoRN? what fucking n00b smacktards hey"

"ya no doubt KoRN rox dude wtf r those ppl thinking.. must be cutting into their Hanson listining time"

"lol no doubt fucking h8ers"
by Teh BuG July 31, 2005

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