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A variant of anal or doggy style sex instigated by a person who does not expect or want to have long-term intimate relations with the female partner involved. Occasionally performed for the amusement of others, particularly where copious amounts of alcohol have been consumed in a group (eg. as part of festivities celebrating a major sporting victory). In the latter case it is customary for a cow-boy hat to be worn and the expression "yee-haa" to be hollered.

The act itself is performed by a male (or amazonian female with a strap-on dildo) who clasps the recipient woman's breast with the left hand for balance and holding the right hand held up in the air, penetrates her doggy-style while simultaneously whispering, longingly, in her ear the name of her best friend. The object is then to maintain the sex act for a further 8 seconds (the same time period set down in International Rodeo Riding rules).
Ohmygawd! he's boning her rodeo-style!

Call that rodeo-style? More like a rodeo-clown if you ask me!

She said, "After going through rodeo-style, job interviews are a breeze!”
by Teetsfarkor December 17, 2007
Noun. New Zealand colloquial slang for large or pert female breasts. Equivalent to 'Norks' in Australian slang.
What a great set of norxs...!
Will you stop staring at my norxs!
by Teetsfarkor December 17, 2007

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