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When a rogue bit of toilet roll gets stuck to your sphincter during wiping.
It was a textbook turd until I snagged an ass flap.
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
A vibrator. As in being used to warm up a girls vagina for intercourse. Like a toaster warms up bread.
Here you go love. Get yourself warmed up with the fannie toaster while I go for a shit.
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
A period. That time of the month.
I couldn't get any last night 'cause the wench was all backed up with fanny jam.
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
Sneaking up on someone when they're sleeping and slapping or stabbing them with your erection.
I'd tried to snowball him earlier on, so when I fell asleep ,he slapped me in the mug with his fucking ninja sword.
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
Putting both hands on a cock and twisting in opposite directions.
She was sucking me off when I farted, so she gave me a chinese burn. I haven't been able to piss right for a week.
by TedZeppelin March 02, 2007
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